Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Something to ponder!!

Have you ever gone back  retrospecting the 'old' days? not just good but the not so good ones too
Have you ever thought how life was then, and now you have millions of memories to pen.
That first crush in school whom you couldn't stop thinking about,
and embarrased you feel, remembering that you were a child so chubby and stout.
Those years in school, trying to stand apart,
Those nights of studying/sleeping over a pile of books, working so hard.
The school friends,gossips,reserving seats on school bus,
The dreaded morning assembly,when you knew a missing coat button and the P.T. Teacher would make a fuss.
The simple,innocent college days of doing nothing,
of sleeping in boring lectures, and mass bunking.
When you didnt even know all your classmates -guys by their face,
Sometimes mistaking one of them as your senior,what a phase!!
And then came the first job, the new shining world of people and places,
Since you grew up, money, promotion and so on-running along for your consecutive chases.
And see how far along, we have come,
winning some,losing some and keeping some.(Pun intended!!)

I wish speaking my heart out to some people,
to that guy who thought i am not good enough,
Or to that first crush, that he ringed a bell.
I want to pat my back for those hardships, when  i rose up everytime i fell.
To Hug those friends whose words uplifted me all the time,
To thank those amazing buddies  with whom i had a whale of a time.
To give a shout out to those roomies, who still bring a smile,
To call those people who matter, that i haven't met in a while.

Thanks to you all, it has been a nice ride..
To the few who went ahead, to those left behind and  the ones who chose to be at my side..
I am still twisting,turning and bumping along,
 dancing at times to  my own song.
Till one day  the wheels give up on me,
Till then I will be looking upon thee.."

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Dew drops said...

It is so good to be back :)