Sunday, June 3, 2018

Movies and me!!

1:42 AM.
Just watched a movie, My type- easy ,not much script,just about relationships !:-D
To say the least, the typical cancerian in me is at its best, in a romantic, emotional mode..
Late night movies make me dream and romanticize about life so much that i feel like somewhere somehow, there is a life in all those characters i see !!
Listening to a random playlist on youtube and loving each song, so much so that i cried ( Some movies make you vulnerable you see,in my case many  of them :-D)

Feeling so peaceful, listening to slow beautiful mellow tracks- just the right amount of silence with random chirping of birds!Yes, birds do chirp here at night at times!! :-D

Office tomorrow, late again!!
Ahh, why can't i sleep on  time on Sundays - Tomorrow is going to be a headache but we will deal with it!
For now,  the moments are mine- Sweet little sound of my heart fluttering in a clear sky :-)

Just wanted to come back to my best pal,my blog who  is still there holding strong waiting for me to pen some random rants!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Something to ponder!!

Have you ever gone back  retrospecting the 'old' days? not just good but the not so good ones too
Have you ever thought how life was then, and now you have millions of memories to pen.
That first crush in school whom you couldn't stop thinking about,
and embarrased you feel, remembering that you were a child so chubby and stout.
Those years in school, trying to stand apart,
Those nights of studying/sleeping over a pile of books, working so hard.
The school friends,gossips,reserving seats on school bus,
The dreaded morning assembly,when you knew a missing coat button and the P.T. Teacher would make a fuss.
The simple,innocent college days of doing nothing,
of sleeping in boring lectures, and mass bunking.
When you didnt even know all your classmates -guys by their face,
Sometimes mistaking one of them as your senior,what a phase!!
And then came the first job, the new shining world of people and places,
Since you grew up, money, promotion and so on-running along for your consecutive chases.
And see how far along, we have come,
winning some,losing some and keeping some.(Pun intended!!)

I wish speaking my heart out to some people,
to that guy who thought i am not good enough,
Or to that first crush, that he ringed a bell.
I want to pat my back for those hardships, when  i rose up everytime i fell.
To Hug those friends whose words uplifted me all the time,
To thank those amazing buddies  with whom i had a whale of a time.
To give a shout out to those roomies, who still bring a smile,
To call those people who matter, that i haven't met in a while.

Thanks to you all, it has been a nice ride..
To the few who went ahead, to those left behind and  the ones who chose to be at my side..
I am still twisting,turning and bumping along,
 dancing at times to  my own song.
Till one day  the wheels give up on me,
Till then I will be looking upon thee.."

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Star of my life!

Yes, i am a 'mother'!! With 7 months of memories,surprises, crazy days, wakeful nights  has come millions of years worth of true love, a love which i could never feel before . In those four toothed smiles lies my world of happiness,in those naughty acts lies my humour and in those adorable kisses by my princess,lies the reward of my hardwork.

 Truly said,when you become parents, you discover true love, the one where you give without any intention of taking anything in return.

Motherhood is great...
P.S.: The post is short but dedicated to my little pumpkin.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Just another day!

Just ended a sad sad movie 'August: Osage county' and after a bunch of slow songs, i am here,after long.This time too,have nothing in mind except some hazy lil memories, some recent,some old.
Memories,they never leave you,no matter what you do,wherever you go.That you choose to preserve some all the time is a different story.But they do remain,somewhere in your mind,crystal clear.
Talking of crystal clear,will talk of the movie here.Liked the movie but it had so many loose ends.
So much pain,helplessness, and yet a hint of reality embedded deep within each small loose end.Such is life,we can't always have everything and by a fair chance,as soon as we get close to having almost everything,we make stupid mistakes and create reasons to be unhappy.
 I always wonder if i could adore whatever i have each day.I realize some days that the world is so beautiful and everything around me is so wonderful, but i wish i give such vibe often.
I wish to make my days brighter and happier but come each day-the hustle bustle,and the crazy measures to survive and whoosh,these simple thoughts vapourize.

I have seen people,so full of life and so happy,within their small worlds, and i wonder,does something ever pester them?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Been there,done that!

Could have been my exact state of mind,had i achieved what i was hoping for!Still,some victories come far too difficult than you expect them to!Never mind, there's always a tomorrow!But i just hope that i retain the desire to achieve the same things over time and work for them.Because persistence is always easier said than done.The title of this post, came through to me as someone's FB status who achieved the same goal i wished for,sometime ago.Hoping to land in same feet,i guess i underestimated myself earlier and didn't do well,relying on last minute preparations.
Well, lets see how it goes,if only i plan a next time!!

Till then,theres always tomorrow!

If you are a writer!

If you are a writer,you can never get lonely,
If you are a writer,you rejoice reading deep,twisted lines having simplest of meanings.
If you are a writer,you end up writing pages with a single thought in mind.
If you are a writer,you catch hold of your blog when you  feel sombre,
If you are a writer,you don't want to repeat words(i am hating repeating the first few lines,but thats the way it is supposed to be ).
If you are a writer,you apprehend things too deeply too often(which isn't required sometimes :-P).
If you are a writer,your words are self assuring many a times,
If you are a writer,you love it when your literary skills are put to test.
If you are a writer,you pen things down just when you feel you are not at your best.
If you are a writer, you end up creating beautiful write-ups in extremes( when you are too happy or too sad) or probably feeling too technical(for the geeky bloggers).
If you are a writer,you would never let go of your blog completely
If you are a writer, you dream a lot, think too much and say too little about your dreams.
If you are a writer,you are amazed every time you look at your past blogs.
If you are a writer,you see the world with your own picture every time you write something.

If you are a writer,you agree with me in at least some of the things mentioned above :-D

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Talking for the sake of it!!

We humans are strange creatures.We just train ourselves to see,listen,remember,speak,forget and move on.But our "words" remain.They say,"You can't get back what you have said,so mind your words!" Indeed,but wish it was simple.Wish there was a rewind button or much better a mute button,which we could all press,when upset or in anger or maybe just talking for the sake of gossiping, and then unmute when we were done.Wish it was that simple!
I sincerely feel regret,lots of it when i think about a friend,who probably overheard me speaking about something and turned our friendship sour.It breaks me heart every time i think about it.Happened for the first time and left me feeling terrible! I had found a very good friend in her,and just when we were about to get close,my stupid gossips made me lose her.I chose not to discuss anything and we both just drifted apart. At times,i did think of talking to her about it but then,i wondered,she might not understand,as she didn't know that much about me.Well, the fault was all mine!Such is life,every moment is precious and has a worth of its own.But then,i guess,we don't have the choice at times.Life gives us handful of people to choose and carry along and situations,pure situations out of nowhere ,decide who and how we carry some of our friends along,no matter what!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It has been a heavy day.Too much to absorb,heard something about a friend which deeply moved me from within and led me to question life,relationships and introspect if running after our goals is all worth it? Whatever, such heavy stuff makes me sad and detached. A random news update on TOI, about how sadly women in the country are treated,almost everyday,is enough to propel you in the sinking sea of awareness and empathy. I feel a mixed set of anger and sadness developing within me when i hear stories about how cruel men ,think and act as if  they possess the women in their life.Well, society,blame it! I love U.S. culture in this regard and feel happy that women here are independent,happy and stand for themselves.Everyone works for himself or herself and speak up when they need to. Back in India,the fear of rejection from society,dependence on husbands for money,future of children, and x number of factors force women to stay indoors and tolerate injustice, which is unjustified most of the times.I watched the movie ' Lunchbox' recently and liked the subtle lesson the movie hints at. Blessed i feel,to be raised up in an encouraging environment and to be surrounded by people who have always let me be free, who have let me think and act on my own always.

Friday, August 30, 2013


Just like the theme in blog shows up,every one wants their life to be glittery and all golden.Atleast i do.What does my blog background remind you of? For me,it makes me remember festivals,carnivals,celebration, a romantic proposal,a beach side shack with dance and music,a holy temple studded with beautiful lights, a retro film,a reading room with a cozy cushion to lie down and read a book, beautiful me.Many many things.That is the power of mind.One small thing and millions of memories.And so is Deja Vu,it seems like it happened when it didn't,ever.Happens in my dreams,though.I remember family,friends in myriad ways, and such funny stories, that i fail to recollect the  weird details after :-)

Well,coming onto glitter,wish life could be just like that, a glittery background and a centre piece in between,such that whatever it is,it is always overshadowed by the glitter.And somehow strangely i remember  these lines from one of my  favourite movies :"hum sab to rang manch ke katputhliyaan hain jinki dor upar vale ki ungli pe bandhi hain kab kaun kaisa uthega yeh koi nahin batha sakta hai"

And yet,we dare to dream,every day!

Want to write fiction 55 but all i can think is sad surprises.Want to end in a positive note,though.

It was raining hard when she began shouting  at autowallah to stop.It halted with a screeching sound of water splashing at her dress.It was her first day at work.Looking at her watch all the way long, she got out hurriedly.He said "Life is short,have fun".Now,she is always smiling.

No idea how it was.